About Us

Who We Are?

AdCiti is South Africa’s number one Classified. It is an online community where Sellers and Buyers meet to facilitate exchange of goods and services. AdCiti  carefully considers the importance of product and services exposure and this community intends to bring together millions of sellers and buyers through this platform.

AdCiti was established in 2020 and is based in South Africa. AdCiti intends to cater for the South African community nationwide by helping online marketers and publishers to give their advertising and site monetization strategies. Consumer also can  benefit from our open services to know and compare any products price and ideas.

Through our categories and filtering capabilities – marketers, advertisers, affiliates, and others can find online advertising solutions providers that fit their unique needs.

What We Do?

We help individuals and companies to post their ads for free by our website. All ads go through a manual approval system. If you trade in physical products, an Ad Network, Affiliate Network, Exchange, DSP, SSP, or provide other online ad services, this site gives you the opportunity to make it clear to prospective customers what you do and how you differentiate your solution from your competitors. It also gives you the chance to see how you stack up against others.

Finally, your SEO strategy will improve by having a very relevant external link to your site. If you have a listing and are interested in increasing your exposure to these prospective customers, all you need to do is select a Pricing Plan that is suitable for your product or services.

In addition, if you want to advertise on AdCiti by displaying your banner or sticky ads on the Home page, you can contact us via email and we will respond within 24 hours.

Please note: The ads listed in AdCiti are solely submitted by the individuals or company’s representative, so AdCiti takes no responsibility for the information and content listed in adciti.co.za, nor for any business arrangement that may take place between interested parties. You can learn more by viewing our terms and conditions.